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Aerial Filming
Tyler Mount

tylerTyler Minigyro Stabilizing Camera Mount - is one of the first stabilizing camera mounts to go from one shooting platform, i.e. helicopter to another such as, car, motorcycle, ATV, etc., in one easy set up format. The latest Tyler stabilizing camera mount with great versatility. It's compact size makes it the perfect choice for working in tight spaces. Some of the features of the Tyler Minigyro stabilizing mount are: variable position handles, camera quick release mounting plate, adjustable tilt head for shooting up or down and specially developed shock tube to eliminate vibration and support the Minigyro and camera package. There are 2-Kenyon K-8 gyros which provide opposing forces to enhance a smooth shot. The Minigyro runs on 24 -28 volt battery.

For ease of transport, the Minigyro comes in a shipping case with wheels, and total shipping weight without batteries is only 43 lbs. NOW, there is a mount which offers high quality results for even the budget conscious-projects.

tylerNose Mount II - The Nose Mount - Nose Mount II The Nose Mount is a laptop controlled helicopter camera mount designed to capture a forward looking "flight of the helicopter" point-of-view in which the horizon rolls as the helicopter banks, providing 200 degrees of remotely controlled tilt movement making it ideal for approach, reveal, chase, vertical scenic aerials or fast action sequences.

  • Point-of-view: Front (Fore to Aft)
  • Movement: Tilt (200 degrees)
  • Stabilization: Fixed
  • Focal Range: Wide to Medium
  • Max. Camera Weight: 39 lbs.
  • Install Time: 60 Minutes

tylerMiddle Mount II - The Middle Mount is a helicopter camera mount designed to capture an aerial perspective from the side of the helicopter, providing 100 degrees of pan, tilt and roll movements, making it ideal for air-to-ground or air-to-air, scenic aerials or fast action sequences. Straight-forward or straight-back shots can be made by crabbing the helicopter up to 40 miles per hour.

  • Point-of-view: Side (Left or Right)
  • Movement: Pan, Tilt and Roll (100 degrees)
  • Stabilization: Free-Floating
  • Focal Range: Wide to Tight
  • Max. Camera Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Install Time: 30 Minutes
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