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Joe Gibbs


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HeloAir provided excellent aircraft and pilot for supporting the EPA's surveying and water sampling mission. High regard for providing EPA with the best service at all times. The contractor went above and beyond the requirement of the contract. HeloAir based the helicopter right outside the EPA office at the available helipad. Our schedule required service 6 days a week which the contractor met successfully. The pilot was very cooperative, customer service oriented, and very professional. HeloAir's management and pilot were always available to answer our questions and sincerely concerned about customer service.

John Hedeed
Contracting Officer - United States Department of Interior


I just took a look at the footage and it looks awesome! You guys were quite the team and I look forward to putting together another great video for Naval Surface Warfare Center / Coast Guard the footage you've shot. Among the many great shots you guys were able to get, my favorite was the head-on approach shot flying right between the two boats. I'm sure you guys have done that hundreds of times but it still looks so sweet. Very 'Jerry Bruckheimer / Michael Bay' like. Awesome! Great job!

Ed Adamos
Naval Surface Warfare Center


Thanks for the excellent service last week on our aerial inspection of the transmission line to Mt. Storm. You did a great job of putting us right where we needed to be to see what we needed to see to assess construction issues. You also did a great job on helping us chase down the access routes to some of the towers.

I thank you again for your efforts

Don Koonce
Dominion Power


Just want to thank you and your crew for a job well done on the Sumter NF this week. Several folks had some very positive things to say about the work that your folks did. We all noticed different things from different points of view; a high degree of professionalism, cooperation and regard for safety. The flying during ignition operations was right on (Robbie, thanks !). We were very happy to have had the opportunity to work with
all of you... and hope to be in touch again soon.

Dave Kuhn
South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center Francis Marion & Sumter NFs


I can’t thank you enough for hustling down to our location, grabbing the mount and your tech and doing all you could to help ensure that we had a legitimate shot at capturing our footage. Your efforts to help us did not go unnoticed and beyond the work side of the transaction, I personally appreciate the level of commitment you showed to getting the job done.

Sean G. Smith
LeMax Productions LLC


Thank you so much for yesterday. Your professionalism and proficiency were outstanding, and the rides were the perfect ending to a perfect day. The NASCAR delegation left extremely impressed with our proposal, our site and plan for the Hall. You were a BIG part of a very successful day. I can't say we'll win, but I feel confident that we increased our chances yesterday and did our best. Best Regards....

Joshua N. Lief, Executive Director
Virginians Racing for The Hall of Fame


Now that the hectic pace of the FCS Comms Ft Benning demonstration has passed I want to thank you and your team for an outstanding job. All of your team, pilots and mechanics, are very professional, knowledgeable and a credit to HeloAir. They joined up with the Raytheon/CenGen team and jumped into the fray to make our demonstration successful. Without their dedication and support we could not have accomplished such an outstanding performance, which was the cumulation of 5 years of research and development.

I would also like to thank you personally for your support. Working closely with BMS enabled the system to execute at its full potential and I give you full credit for the this solution, great job! In any future effort where we require air support your organization will be first on my list.

Lucas J Bragg, Senior Program Manager, Special Technologies
Raytheon Company


You did a fantastic job flying us in and out of the Bristol Race. We appreciate your planning and communication during the iffy weather and night flying from our rural farm setting to the tight landing zone at the racetrack. We and our guests were impressed. You guys are great.

Leon Overbay
Powell Companies


Thank you for your personal attention on Sunday. Our visiting folks enjoyed the tour and benefited greatly from the helicopter perspective of the tree farm/plantations in the region. Only time will tell how Virginia will do in this project, but we will be hard to beat. Your name and company were mentioned at dinner in the presence of the Governor and Secretary of Commerce and Trade….never know if that will benefit you also.

Warren Hammer
Virginia Economic Development Partnership

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