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Our Helicopters
Bell 427 / 7NU

It’s the model of perfection. It’s the body of strength. It’s the 427, fast, smooth and reliable. Bell adapted and improved the high performance, combat proven dynamic components of the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and the best selling Bell 407 and created the luxurious and safe Bell 427. A roomier new fuselage was integrated with more powerful engines and the entire package was certified to the most stringent FAR/JAR Part 27 safety standards. The 427 promises a lot, and delivers even more.

The Bell 427 Features:

  • Two (2) Powerful Pratt & Whitney PW207D engines
  • High cruise speeds, exceptional single engine safety and capability, superior endurance and best in class ride
  • Passenger comfort with a smooth ride and roomy wide-open club seating with exceptional visibility
  • The best available reliability and ruggedness adapted from a compact proven rotor system and a modular composite fuselage
  • XM Radio
  • Refreshment Center
Twin Engine Safety
Seats: 1 plus 6
Max Cruise Speed 130 knots
Maximum Range 300 nautical miles


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